May – June Newsletter

Our Spring term has come to an end and we are so proud of what our students have achieved. We’ve had a busy term and are excited about what’s coming up this summer at AOMA!

Read on for upcoming events, AOMA news, and courses.

On June 8, we gathered at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Gastown, to celebrate all the amazing winners of the 2019 China lnternational Children’s Cartoon Competition – Canada Division.

There was a great turnout to this event, and friends and parents were able to see all the winners’ work on display. During the awards ceremony winning students received their awards, including Gemma, our Globe Special Excellence Winner, Gemma Yin, Age 11!

Gemma Yin – Globe Special Excellence Winner – Age 11

We have some great summer classes coming up this summer! We’ve got weekly art classes for kids and teens. We also have an outstanding Portfolio Development Intensive program. Develop a portfolio or work that will get you accepted into the top universities internationally!

Art Classes

Portfolio Intensive

Looking ahead to the fall? You can register for fall courses today!

Want to register for one of our upcoming Summer or Fall Courses? Please call us at 604 564 2408 or fill out the contact form below!

    Jazz Themed
    Kerrisdale Paint Night

    Last month we had another super fun Kerrisdale Paint Night. Art can often be inspired by great music. So this time we decided to paint musicians lost in their own art – the art of music! The paintings turned out beautifully!

    Thank you to everyone who came out to share in the fun!

    Student Art

    Acrylic Techniques

    Drawing & Sketching

    A cartoon character comes to life! Students capture Pinocchio in 3D form with light and shadows. Now he’s a real boy!

    Still Life Drawing

    Students tackled the challenge of drawing a real deer skull and antlers from life. They rose to the occasion of this challenge to create amazing and colorful pastel works of art!

    Life Drawing

    Students mixed it up by switching to drawing a Darth Vader model in white on black paper, focussing on rendering highlights rather than shadows.

    Mixed Media

    The new semester starts off with a fragrant spring theme. Students pick a variety of spring elements from many resources to create their own unique composition. Then, they use a mixture of acrylic paint, Sharpie pens, palette knives and brushes to make their painting come to life.

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