Summer Lu

Summer Lu, graduated from Emily Carr University of Art & Design. She has been teaching Children’s Illustration for many years. Her teaching style is focused on the development of children’s unlimited imagination and creativity. In each class, children gain painting skills while developing their knowledge of art through conversation and lessons. Summer Lu’s classes cultivate children’s appreciation and personal understanding of art from childhood that will stay with them their whole lives.

Summer Lu,毕业于温哥华著名艺术设计学院Emily Carr。拥有多年儿童插画教学经验,教学风格主张开发孩子们无限想象力和创造能力。每节课孩子们都会得到一些除了绘画技巧以外的艺术知识点,培养孩子们从小对艺术绘画的赏析和个人理解。