Why Youth Initiative?

Volunteer at AOMA


AOMA’s YIV program is an opportunity to connect youth in High School and University with art based volunteering opportunities in their community. 


AOMA volunteers have the chance to gain valuable experience and life skills through a variety of exciting activities.

University Application: Having robust and varied volunteer experience is a key asset to any university application.  Volunteer hours at AOMA are recorded and we provide you with a certification of hours and reference. 

Career Experience: It’s always a challenge getting the right work experience for your future career success, especially if you haven’t had a job before! Volunteering is a fantastic way to give your resume, and career,  a great boost (especially if you are looking for a career in the arts, event management, marketing or business administration!) 

Leadership Training: Learn how to lead and help manage and organize other volunteers and events. Universities and employers are always on the lookout for leadership skills and volunteering can offer great experience in this area. AOMA provides a special training session and volunteer manual to help prepare you for this leadership role. 

2019 International Cartoon Competition

Volunteer or Enter the Contest: Our annual Cartoon Competition has many opportunities to gain valuable volunteer experience. Be sure to create an entry of your own to participate in this unique competition!

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Previous Cartoon Contest Entries & Winners

Who is this for?

Students in grades 8 through 12 as well as university students are welcome to apply for the Youth Initiative. For application instructions please see the “Apply Now” section of this page.

Grade 8 – University 

Youth Initiative Positions

There are 4 primary leadership roles for the Youth Initiative but also lots of additional volunteer opportunities. If you have a special talent or interest in volunteering but are not seeking a leadership role you are still encouraged to apply!


Do you have an organizational mindset? Are you pursuing a career in business management or administration. This might be the role for you! Responsibilities for the Operations Volunteer include:

  • Attending AOMA special events and making sure all volunteers are organized for their specific event roles. 
  • Creating schedules and organizing duties for other volunteers. 
  • Contributing to overall training and volunteer manual. 
  • Leading the strategic vision for the Youth Initiative. 


YIV brings in income and has expenses for each one of it’s programs. You should have an extensive network and be a true people person! You also have a passion for contributing to non-profit, charity and community activities. Responsibilities for the fundraising volunteer include:

  • Reaching out to members and organizations in the community to help sponsor AOMA events and charity drives. 
  • Planning special fundraising activities. 
  • Working with the marketing volunteers to help raise money and awareness for events and programs. 


Are you up on all the latest marketing trends? Seeking a future career in public relations, marketing or advertising? Are you great with computers and technology and know your way around social media? Do you love photography, videography and graphic design? You should have an interest in sales, marketing strategy and promotions. Responsibilities for the marketing volunteers include:

  • Taking photos and video of events and classes. 
  • Working with the AOMA business development manager to post content to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  • Designing promotions for events. 
  • Delivering promotional materials to homes and businesses in the community. 
  • Creative promotion events, activities and programs across a range of marketing channels and mediums in creative ways. 


This is a fun and busy role at AOMA. If you love people, public relations and see yourself as a future business manager this could be a great start! We are seeking a volunteer who has the following responsibilities as our secretary:

  • Work with our Office Administrators to help clients and customers at special AOMA events. 
  • Keep organized documents, including Word and Excel files, of all volunteer activities. 
  • Take meeting minutes and organize meetings for the volunteer leadership team

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Additional Volunteer Opportunities

You don’t have to take on one of the leadership roles to contribute. We are always looking for talented volunteers to help out in lots of different area in AOMA.  

If you have a special skill to contribute please apply! We have opportunities available in events, camps, community outreach and as assistant volunteers!

Apply Today and Make a Difference!

How to Apply

1 – Email us at info@aoma.ca

2 – Include your resume!

3 – Write 1/2 to 1 page on why you’re interested in becoming an AOMA volunteer.

4 – Finally, let us know if you would be interested in one of the four leadership roles listed above. If not that’s OK too! Just include which particular area of volunteering you’re most excited about or put “generalist” to help out everywhere.