YIV Peer Tutoring

YIV’s Peer Tutoring Program

YIV’s Peer Tutoring Program focuses on providing high school students with leadership and community services, and elementary students with accompaniment, experiences, and professional support from their big buddies. Even during the most difficult times of the pandemic, YIV has been an organization there to support the frontline families and their children the best we could with our resources. With months of passion and dedication from our YIV team, we have successfully brought our spring, summer, and fall sessions to an end, and are striving to improve our upcoming programs with your feedback!

Review of our Past Programs

2020-2021 Winter Peer Tutoring Program

2020 Fall Peer Tutoring Program

YIV’s Little Artists – where tutors explore different art techniques and styles with their tutee(s)!

Little Mathematicians – where interesting math concepts are explored by the tutor and tutee!

2020 Summer Peer Tutoring Program

End-of-Season Report

Feedback from tutors!

Aside from the peer tutoring program, YIV is also organizing opportunities for high-school students who are interested in experiencing the life of a professional teacher! Volunteers are welcomed to apply for those two teaching assistant opportunities by contacting yiv@aoma.ca!